venerdì 27 agosto 2010

drama y/y?

i stood amidst an ocean of red flowers
a sword in my left hand and blood in my right one
eyes locked at the sky, completly ignoring the corpse that lay on my feet
-i avenged you, finally...-
a rustling and the sword is on the ground.
the sun goes down, i find myself kneeling on the ground
the tears that i cried are red on my cheeks, on my hands,
red as the flowers that blooms around me:
-lycoris... what a fitting grave for me to have...-
i know that i won't leave this glade
as i know that we will never see again, my love.
a goodbye and as the eyes closes i edge towards the asphodel.
and then only darkness remains.

non chiedetemi perchè ho scritto tutto ciò... bastano un centinaio di secondi di raikou per farmi andare in trip da lycoris... io sono ossessionata da quei dannati fiori!

oh btw that was malePOV and pretty gay too, at least in my head LOL

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