giovedì 13 maggio 2010


like gold occluding arteries
you crawl into me,
gracious like a funereal moth
flying with her wings broken
-crushed like my heart
after i saw you for the first time.
you glow like a black diamond
your dark light reaches me
poisoning my brain
polluting the air in my aching lungs,
since i met you my dreams are bloody:
i long your flesh
my hands on your throat
stealing your soul
watching as life leaves your corpse
-rotting beauty
frail skin glistening in the night.
but you are far
like a demonic madonna
untouchable, untaintable
your eyes barely caress my body
it burns, like a thousand needles
salt on my wounds
maddening, tearing, poisoning
i love you
i want to own you
to be destroyed by your perfection
be mine. i beg you!

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